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Design Inspiration – Little Big Playroom
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    Design Inspiration

    Shark Themed Toddler Boy Room

    It's so bittersweet when the baby crib leaves your child's room and in comes the "big" bed!  Edward (3 years old) was thrilled when his mom transformed his nursery into a shark themed room.  He loves sharks and he is so very excited to play in his new room.

    Do you want to know the best part?  The twin size bed was hand built by his great grandfather. Both his grandfather and father used it in their rooms and it is finally passed down to the newest "big boy."  Talk about family tradition.  


    Product Tags: Shark canopy from Target, Bedspread from Pottery Barn Kids.



    Baby Girl Nursery

    How adorable is this nursery design for welcoming a new baby girl?  New parents, Lindsay and Jonathan are so excited to add baby Olivia to their family and become a family of three. 

    We love the simplistic nursery design with neutral colors and the "Can't wait to play with you" sign melted our hearts! 

    Have a Ball, Inside!

    When the weather gets cooler, sometimes the early mornings and evenings are too chilly to play outside.  Have a ball inside when the temperatures are too cool!

    Open Concept Living Room

    We love an open concept home floor plan!  Our modern ball pits can easily work into any decor, using colors you choose.  Add a little fun for the kids in your living room and it will be one toy you won't mind leaving out instead of hiding it away.