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Reviews – Little Big Playroom
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    We are a shop offering modern and playful items to style-conscious consumers. Our carefully selected and curated products look equally good in a playroom as they would in the rest of the home.  They are also the perfect enhancement to life's little and big special events. We know the importance of safe, practical, and quality items for our most favorite little ones. 

    And as moms, we know the importance of design with functionality for the overwhelming amount of play spaces in our home.   


    Here's what others have said about us...


    • “This is the ball pit of my dreams.  A soft ball pit, that can be washed, easily put away if needed and looks pretty too. ” 
      -Anna Y., Linden, VA

    • “LOVING OUR BALL PIT!!! This thing is great! Soft, padded, safe place to play AND it can grow with her!!!! (Bonus: it’s not circus colors! The clear balls look magical! Like bubbles!!)"
      -Remi R., Worcester, MA

    • “Cutest ball pits, EVER! Super easy for baby to climb in and out of!  It’s a soft material and fun color selection of balls to fill the pit! Even bigger kids like to play!”
      -Rebecca R., McKinney, TX